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Never get a relationship again?

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Never get a relationship again?

Postby Mulla » Thu Dec 20, 2018 4:05 pm

I have almost been single in my whole 38 year life. I had some girlfriends when I was about 17-22 years old. I looked pretty well then. Last year I also had had a girlfriend. But she was studying in another place, so we didn't meet so much.

Then I unconsciously didn't care so much for here. So she ended the relationship. I thought I was worthless, and I still thought it. But my ex-girlfriend said to me (we are still friends), that I must become better of my self confidence.

My ex-girlfriend said;
-Do you remember when we had sex, and you asked me if you thought I thing you were disgustful? And also;
-You may not think so!

My self confidence is so low. I think all women is seeing me for a joke... Maybe I don't want a girlfriend again right now.

Otherwise I had a "sex friend or ###$ body" (doesn't know what it's called in English). We was at the swingers club. but I didn't get so much out of it. I liked better to be alone with a girlfriend. I have Asperger's and is a muppet, and my sexual lust is about zero. But I still can love...

I think I never is going to meet a girlfriend again...
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