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Need to know if its my fault.

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Need to know if its my fault.

Postby Jemma » Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:38 am

Hello ,
There's something I'd like your opinion on.

So I didn't have any friends untill last year of college. I made some friends this year . And they aren't the best of my friends . They're college friends. Doesn't everyone make friends in college ? There was already a group of people and I was friends with one of them. So she got me into that group and we really hit it off. So I very quickly became a part of that group . They're all my classmates. My boyfriend had a probly firstly because i made friends too fast. For which he accused me of lying to him about not having friends. I explained it to him that they've been my classmates for more than a year and it wasn't veey difficult to become friends with them quickly since we had topics like class and teachers to talk about. Now fast forward to today. I was outside college with him and my friends were all inside and he wanted to meet them. He met them and they said we've heard a lot about you. Hold . So is it not normal to answer things like 'oh he's good' or 'oh we broke up' when my friends ask me the question hey how's your boyfriend ? And recently since our relationship is very complicated I tell them idk when they ask me questions like 'hey how's it going between you and your boyfriend ' which is why ( coming back to today) one of my friends asked him so are you'll on or off right now i don't want to make it awkward for you'll by saying the wrong thing. Which again ticked my bf because ( coming to the main problem) he really got upset that I spoke about us to my friends. Because he doesn't like it . I've never told my friends about my personal life . Even they know we aren't that good of friends so they don't ask personal questions. All that they know about Alistair is out of the curiosity of how dating someone is . Because none of them have dated before. They ask me questions like what is like and were your parents ok with it when did you'll meet how is he as a person ( to which I've never spoken negative) They really think its cute and totally ship us.

So my question is was it wrong on my part to answer those questions and tell my friends anything about Alistair ? Very general knowledge. Nothing about the personal life I talk about on this forum. He said I was a liar and I lied by telling him I didn't talk to my friends about us. Which I didn't. They don't know our relationship dynamic and how things actually are . For them its a rosy picture . He is very upset about it and called me a very bad person for this.

I'd like to know your views on this .
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