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letting people in

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letting people in

Postby themissingme » Sun Nov 11, 2018 1:06 pm

pushing people away
letting people in
trusting others little by little
believing in what others say about me
having faith in love
accepting the whole self, goods and bads
hanging in there when things are not going well
hanging in there and not push people away when they were having a bad day themselves
accepting that it takes time to build up a new relationship
accepting that people are not perfect and accepting people as in the way they really are like
not expecting more than what others can give
not expecting more from myself and embrace my own weaknesses and imperfectness
can't expect others to fill up my loneliness hole
can't expect that others can make me feel not lonely/ empty

because the hole that I have is from within, when my parents didn't give me enough love and attentions since young.
I will always feel empty
stay connect with my emotions when I am distressed
the truth is love relationship still makes me feel empty, no one can take away my emptiness/loneliness because it's not a hole anyone could fill

when the feeling is intense, it can temporaily fill up the hole, but those are stimulations and it's not real
once it's gone, I would feel alone and sad again
true love takes years to build up but not by stimulation
I don't have hope, so God reaches out and gives me hope.
I don't feel loved, so God found me and shows me His never failling love.
I don't feel happy, so God shows me what happiness can be like..

*The Darkest Night Brings the Brightest Stars*
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