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the fear of going into a relationship

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the fear of going into a relationship

Postby themissingme » Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:07 am

I am so sad..
and afraid
have been seeing a guy for almost 2 months during the friends stage
didn't hold hands, didn't hugs,didn't kiss yet and we have only started to flirt a little more
we joked, we had a lot of fun talking about meaningless things, sometimes we have deeper talks, he would share more of what he is thinking

and I know that I am falling
or I have already fallen for him because I like being around him
it's fun, he is sensitive at times, he cares a little..
since we are still at the "friends" stage, we are still "open to the market" right now...
and I kind of figured that he was meeting up with another single girl for a drink, and he did tell me that he randomly met with his other female friend for drinks last weekend.. I am freaking out.. because I am jealous
I am worried that he would choose them over me
I am worried that I am not good enough for him
and maybe because I am not sure if I am ready to dive into a relationship yet, I blame it on him to try to find a way out... by doing so, I hide in the victim mode, focus on the fact that he is still meeting other girls, then I will have all the reasons to freak out and to walk away
I am also hiding into my fear, because I am not sure if I am ready myself
I am thinking it through if he is want I want
to be honest, I don't know
I am so afraid if I should dive in
because relationship is scary
having someone in your heart is scary and we might get hurt

the truth is, because of my fear of not sure if I should dive in, I schedule another dinner with other guy next week just to take my mind off him, just like what he was doing
but the truth is we won't get anywhere if I keep on doing this

what if he doesn't like me
he likes me
what if we are not compatiable
we won't know unless you dive in and try
what if I will get hurt again
I will cry, grab my heart, I won't die and I will survive through that
what if I miss this out and will I regret?
yes I will feel so painful because I missed this chance
and I don't want to regret it
I don't know if he is the one for me
but I still want to try
I want to see if this would work out
although I am terrified inside, I still want to give this a try
I don't have hope, so God reaches out and gives me hope.
I don't feel loved, so God found me and shows me His never failling love.
I don't feel happy, so God shows me what happiness can be like..

*The Darkest Night Brings the Brightest Stars*
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Re: the fear of going into a relationship

Postby realityhere » Thu Nov 08, 2018 3:18 am

Grab the right moment and take a chance with your heart. Sometimes a leap of boldness is better than doing nothing or going with the same ol'.

You'll find out if he's more than just a friend, rather than dragging on the misery of wondering is he into you or not? If he's not, then that frees you up to search for another relationship. If he is into you, then everything's gravy.
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