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Does she still love me? If not what is she thinking?

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Does she still love me? If not what is she thinking?

Postby OW7LAW » Sat Oct 20, 2018 1:00 am

She dumped me for her ex. I didn’t stop her and just blocked on social media her for my own sanity. I tried to rekindle an amicable (not friends/BFF type) relationship as we work and live fairly close to one another and I try to act like a mature man sometimes. She didn’t seem to keen and we stopped ALL contact for about 8 months.

Thing is, she’s effectively cut off half of her ENTIRE family, so I know can stop talking to people she cares about.

Over time though, her behavior has become more and more weird. And she’s actually been contacting me, but only in person.

Usually when I walk into work she has some reaction, whether it’s staring, getting jumpy or trying to have these “overly awesome” conversations with people I’m around. Sometimes she’ll leave the room for a couple minutes.

She always wants to be involved in what I’m doing/ who I’m talking to but won’t actually talk to me. When I speak to her though she’s usually nice or very shy. If we’re in the same room she’s always watching me. I’ll look up and there she is from across the room. Usually when she stares she won’t look away and stares deeply into my eyes.

From her own words eye contact was her “Way to show a guy she liked him.”

She always seems happy to talk to me, but when I talk back to her her it’s like she immediately gets emotional and shy. So it’s really hard to communicate. She kind of hops between very confident and happy to extremely shy and nervous around me.

I “think” I’m very good at having a poker face, so it’s not like I’m actively pursuing her and waiting on her beck and call. I may share a FEW friendly words with her during the day but that’s the only time I actually reach out to her. Emotionally (admittedly) I feel tied to her.

I love this girl so much. This is a tough situation. Honestly, I just want closure. I am SO tired of loving this girl. I’d do anything for her, but only if she felt the same way. How do you think she feels about me (PLZ honest)
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Re: Does she still love me? If not what is she thinking?

Postby xiximmxi » Fri Oct 26, 2018 9:28 pm

Do you know anything about her ex - whether they are still together, or how long they have been together before? Or how they broke up?

Kind of hard to say without having more background info...
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