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I'm Attracted to my Best Friend, Should I do something about

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I'm Attracted to my Best Friend, Should I do something about

Postby Arock47 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 6:49 pm

Hi, i'm a 24 year old male and I am sexually attracted to my best friend who is female. I know she doesn't feel the same way about me (trust me) but I have had these feelings for close to a 1 year, and have just been trying to push them down and get over it. It doesn't seem to be working and i think my jealousy lets me know that. Whenever we go out to a bar for example and she catches some guys eye and gets excited and wants to go talk to him etc I get very jealous and I just can't help it. I also get jealous when she does stuff with her other male friends that she doesn't do with me. For example with 2 of her other male friends she likes to cuddle, nothing sexual just cuddling, but she would never do that with me and I can't bring it up without sounding weird. Am I supposed to just put up with these feelings and try to be better at dealing with them or what? God damn I sound so insecure and pathetic.

N.B. I just want to state that i'm not hoping to end up in a relationship with her, not that i'd be opposed to it's just i'd be just as happy for the feelings to go away.
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Re: I'm Attracted to my Best Friend, Should I do something about

Postby xiximmxi » Thu Oct 25, 2018 4:14 pm

What a tragedy... And how romantic.
Looks like she doesn't know how lucky she is to have someone like you and is messing around with f_boys.

Many girls, including myself, do not like men who are only pretending to be friends with us hoping they will be able to get in our pants. If you love her, you will be there for her no matter what (whether she has a bf or not), not just when she's single and available. Maybe she knows that and is trying to weed out those guys. Slow & steady can win the race.

Unreciprocated, equivocal relationships will suck all your energy out though. If it starts killing you inside you might as well just let it out and put the ball in her court. As long as you can take a possible "no" well and still decide to remain her friend - what is there to lose?

But I have to ask - how is she just "cuddling" with these other men..?
In my experience, spooning almost always turns into forking... If you know what I mean.
I specifically avoid hanging out with a guy alone because there's always this weird tension, especially when we're drinking. I definitely do not cuddle with men that I am not attracted to.
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