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My overseas love story

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My overseas love story

Postby Julio22 » Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:05 am

Hello, my fellow members and guests.
In this topic, you're going to read about a unique love story which doesn't happen frequently.
I have kept it inside me for years. And now I'll just write it to you.

I was born in a Middle Eastern country which is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a very Islamic country.
Stores are being closed at the time of the Islamic prayings. Both genders are separated to each other starting from the age 7, they are not allowed to talk to each other or meet. Ladies are fully covered and wearing decorous clothes. The relationships are not allowed but only marriage. And so on.

I was raised there. I was a quiet and overweighted kid. I was abandoned by others kids, they were not playing games or talking with me because of my overweight.
As the years going by. I became in my teenage years and I moved to the middle school.
Most of the students were of different tribes. So I had a severe physical and verbal bullying. Because I didn't belong to their tribes.

I grow up, graduated high school, and enrolled in the university.
I didn't care or believe in religion at all the whole of my life. Although Isam is my religion, I tend to be secular and use my sense and thinking.

At the age 20, I haven't been in a relationship or love.
One day, I found a social site on the internet. I messaged some users on it, most of them don't reply or reply and start a chat with me for a short time then disappear.

One day, I messaged a girl who is from France, and she was 17 years old. She answered, and then we started to message each other every day regularly. She answered every message I sent to her!. She was there for me every day! and didn't disappear!. We exchanged our phone numbers and Skype addresses. And we began to message each other on them every day!. We send pictures of our daily life to each other and it was so nice!. We talked about our personal life, countries, and daily life. And this was so nice!. eventually, we became very good friends!. And I was so happy to have her!.
I'm the one who has been abandoned and bullied as a child, has just met with a nice person.
Eventually, she became so close to me. And I considered her one of the dearest people to me.

As the time goes by, I started to fall in love with her!. The love, this beautiful feeling. I started to feel these feelings towards someone for the first time ever in my life!. It was so strong, overwhelming, pleasurable, and warm!. I'm the one who has never got a chance to meet girls or been in love before, meets a nice girl and feels these feelings for the first time!

I wanted to tell her about my feelings and propose to her to be my partner!. I was so excited for this moment!. And I thought that she feels the same towards me!.

And that day came!!!. I wrote to her a proposal message emphasizing to her my love, how important is she in my life, and asking her to be my partner!.

I sent it and I was yearning so bad for the answer!, She dropped her answer to me. She answered '' Ahhh well sorry it's not possible ^^' '. She said no and take my proposal in a mockery way.
It was unbelievable for me. I shocked, and my heart broke. This was so hurtful :(, unfortunately,
I asked her if she could tell me why she rejected?. She said her mental and psychological state is too bad for her to love or be in a relationship. Then I said ok to her and we continued to message each other as friends.

The realizing of the idea that she didn't love me but sees me as a friend was so painful.
She asked me as well to never ask her proposes like this again.

ِِAs the time goes by, the summer vacation started. I was having a very long off.
I wanted to go to France, to see her. and to spend this vacation with her.
Her country is a far away from mine, but I wanted to see her, no matter what!.
At the time, she graduated from high school and got a scholarship to learn in another city.

I wanted to propose to her again, I wanted to say to her that I will understand her psychological state. I wanted to convince her to accept me because I loved her!

I wrote to her another proposal. I told her how much that I love her and that I will understand her psychological state!.
I said to her this will be my last proposal. And I want to come to France to see her!.

Unfortunately, She rejected. And said that the feeling of love is something has become foreign to her and she can't love or be in a relationship.

It was the most hurtful and down moment in the whole of life!. After she told me this I never talked to her again, I didn't spend my vacation in France as well. And I delete her address in my Skype and her number in my phone.

As the days go by. And I stopped messaging her since she rejected me. I feel pain and grief all the day that I didn't get the girl who I loved. I'm 23 years old now, it has been 2 years and a half since my proposal. And grief and the pain haven't left me. I think of her all the day and I feel like this.

And the most astonishing thing for me has happened a few hours earlier. I finally decide to have a look at her facebook account. After I abandoned her for a very long time. I found a post on her page, which is a survey about human relationships. I checked her answers on the survey, and it was so unbelievable!!

She answered a question which one of the following races are you open to date?. The question allowed her to choose more than an answer. And there were 7 races. Her answer was multi-able choices answer, she choosed 6 races out 7, the one which she didn't choose was ' Arab / Middle Eastern' !. I wondered why would have a Saudi Arabian friend for a very long time if she doesn't like Arab race!!!!. I felt so lonely.

She answered also that her first sex was when she 18. She was 18 when I propose to her. Did she lie to me when she said I can't have a relationship?. Why didn't she just be honest with me?

Thank you so much for reading this :). I tried to be very detailed.
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