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I feel alone

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I feel alone

Postby roubacap » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:53 pm

I am 42 now and I never manage to create an stable group of friends. All my life I have spent this way.
On Saturdays I go out with some acquitances and I spend a good time then, but the problem is that we never meet on Fridays or Sundays. So I feel alone ath the weekends.
I have told them to meet on Fridays but the do not want.
We starded hanging out recently, some months ago, because we met on the Internt.
I think we do not have enough connection. I feel rather disappointed to be honest.

The problem with Internet groups is that many times people have nothing or few thinghs in common. The only link is the pure interest of having someone to hang out to taverns.
And it is an excuse or a way to chat up with a signicant other. Most of the times they are not interested in meeting new friends, their only interest is meeting a partner or someone to f***(for no being obscene).

This situation to me is very hard, even more if you live in Spain where the social life is very intense or recurring.
The shocking truth is that I would even prefer to work at the weekends in order to not feel alone. I hate this feeling.

Do yoy feel alone? Do yo feel the same? How could make new friends?
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