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Difficulty getting people to take me seriously

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Difficulty getting people to take me seriously

Postby zenderoven » Thu Feb 08, 2018 5:09 pm

My family and my support service.

Without going into detail I have a disability and get some unwanted attention in public.

My family keep telling me "there is nothing wrong with me" when clearly there is and that I am "imagining it" when I tell them what I experience which is very frustrating for me. I'm guessing they are saying what they think is best to "spare my feelings" but the way I see it it is very frustrating and I would rather they were honest with me.

Support workers (and sometimes my family) have some have difficulty understanding what I say, I want them to ask me to repeat if they haven't understood what I have said but some just won't do this "incase it upsets me". Frustrating because I have told them I actually want them to ask me to repeat to give me a better chance of being able to communicate with them.

So any tips on how I can have my family and support workers support me what's best for me rather than what they think is best for me?
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