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mold toxicity

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mold toxicity

Postby Heather_55 » Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:17 am

I have lived in some very moldy environments and recently decided to get tested for mycotoxons. I found that I do test positive for certain mycotoxins-one of them so toxic that it is used in biological warfare! So some of my difficulties in the last 2 decades or so have been from toxic mold exposure.I'm sharing this because many people are exposed to mold in their environments not realizing how damaging it can be.
Just to say that it does make sense to really look at your life history-the emotional,physical,mental and spiritual factors.....and reason from cause to effect. You can spend for ever just dealing with symptoms - yet I believe we need to "seek with all the heart" if we really want to get to root causes. We aren't as helpless as we've been made to feel. Yes, there are factors we cannot change-like hereditary and developmental factors-but there are things we can change such as lifestyle habits.One aspect is keeping your living space very clean with the relative humidity under 50(and perhaps an air filter)-is very important -and if there is definite water and mold problems you may have to move out, Depression and illness can make it difficult to maintain order and cleanliness-but knowing how toxic mold is can help motivate you. Also it's another good reason to cut out the sugar/alcohol/junk food as that feeds mold in the body.There is a link between mold and cancer as well.
One thing that I struggle with the most,though is a lack of social/emotional support.
Being close to nature and talking to God(prayer) Whom I believe cares for me- is beginning to help. I could try to describe some of my experiences in trying to connect with people or at times turning to people/programs/"professionals" or "ministries"for help in my life-but why drag up horror stories and painful/traumatic memories. One might wonder how can you believe in a loving and good Creator Who allows such things-well i have come to believe that evil has come about because we have the power of choice-love must be a choice.No matter what happens to you -unless you have totally given up-you can still choose love."Hurting people hurt others" I guess I am also motivated by not wanting to cause pain to others and even hopefully being able to be of some help. If I dwell on the evil in others -that's what I will become-"as a man thinks/so is he".instead i can pity them for taking advantage of my weakness and sickness-and move on. i spent too many years stuck in trying to understand the abuse -and being devastated by all the pain,anger,bitterness it brought up-and trying to seek "healing' with people who were not willing or able to even acknowledge the damage inflicted and did not want a relationship with me(they might have to face a side to themselves they did not want to see)-and re-wounding myself -and being so focused on SELF.
One has to deal with the reality of getting healthy enough to not be a victim anymore. Someone recently described to me how delving into much of what is termed "psychology" today makes you like a "tar baby" You suffocate in the blackness and muck of the evil. I believe there is some good and true psychology.
Focus on learning what HEALTHY is. Unconditional love and caring.Doing right because it is right-even if it doesn't "feel' good at the moment. becoming aware of the needs of others.appreciating the beauty that is still around us. learn how to take better care of your body-so your mind can calm down and get in a better rhythm-regular healthy meals/regular sleep/regular exercise.I have a place out in the country now that i hope to use to help people who want to get out of a toxic(emotionally/physically/mentally and/or spiritually)environment -to come and do some healing and not be exploited but be strengthened to help themselves.Perhaps we who have suffered much can understand in a deeper way . Every person has incredible value .
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Re: mold toxicity

Postby checheanna » Fri Sep 28, 2018 5:52 pm

i know a young man, 14 years of age. suffers from asthma, migraine, stomach troubles, epilepsy. he lives in a moldy house. i think the mold may be the reason for his health issues. i believe that mold can be very damaging. i watched Afflicted, a Netflix documentary and this has started my suspicions.
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