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Don't know if this was rape *trigger*

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Don't know if this was rape *trigger*

Postby voracious_lemon » Thu Mar 22, 2018 2:47 pm

I never thought it was, but one of my friends keeps posting stuff about what is and what isn't consent and I'm not too sure.
So for months this guy asked me every day at least 30 times a day to have sex with him. I keep saying no, but one day I was tired and fed up with his #######4 so I said yes, whatever it takes to shut him up. The next day I said no and he got PISSED. Called me lots of nasty things and we physically fought. He won, and i felt terrible. I was walking in the woods and bumped into him and he asked and, defeated and knowing he would never stop, I agreed.
He's also done plenty of other things that are definitely sexual assault. Also later on when I started getting manic episodes he took advantage of my hypersexuality, then when I would crash I would feel like horse $#%^ about it.
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Re: Don't know if this was rape *trigger*

Postby avatar123 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 6:01 pm

Sorry this happened to you. It sounds like he harassed you and wore you down, until you said yes. Although it may not legally be rape since you consented, it's definitely the kind of approach that's used when the intent is to abuse. He clearly took advantage and was right on the line, if not over it. So I don't blame you for feeling assaulted over this.

You mentioned in another post you were resuming counseling, maybe this incident is something you could discuss, along with the other events you mentioned, so you have some validation that they were abusive in nature, and some support for them as well.
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