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Friend had Bacterial Meningitis twice, then raped, now suici

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Friend had Bacterial Meningitis twice, then raped, now suici

Postby calder1 » Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:00 am


I was with seeing someone romantically 2 months ago while I was traveling for about 2 weeks in a developing country, we made a strong connection though. At one point the condom slipped and so we were worried because there was a small chance she could get pregnant, so I mentioned the plan-b pill, and so she took it. But it messed up her system, doctor later told her she shouldn't of taken it, not for her system, and it messed up her periods. She was bleeding really alot and having awful awful pain (this was middle/late february). She was starting to faint abunch too because was weak form blood lost from period, and wasn't hungry n stuff - also throwing up and not staying super hydrated. she hit her head at one point, that and being weak, and her aunt having her work abunch, she didn't have much energy and got bacterial meningitis.

she recovered but she can be really stubborn too and didn't go to hospital till it was bad. anyway she got it again abit after, and was feeling depressed, and at one point i told her that i am not in love with her, because it is true and i thought maybe she was holding on to those feelings, even though she knew form the beginging that this was only a short-term thing.

Then last week she was raped by one of the docters at the hospital. She told me a day after, said she wanted to end things. well i got her to seek help, but then she stopped taking meningitis antibiotics for 2 days, and it came back 2 days ago. now she went to the hospital but is really suicidal again, she took extra pills thinking it would end things, and when she was feeling faint she did it in a way so she would hit her head hard (this is what she told me).

Anyway not sure what to do anymore, have been sending her 'it gets better' type videos, and more honest videos too, trying to get her to get help, but also just being there for her. she will try to see her counselor who she say last week tomorrow. anyway i am just scared, if she keeps hitting her head, or decides to stop taking the antibiotics, she could get the meningitis again and die a painful death, and she is living with her aunt and at the moment they are not getting along, and aunts mom is being hard on her. I am scared for her. I guess I am looking for advice, and also compassion. I asked if I could come and visit her and help (i have money saved up and I could), but she said she did not want me to.
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Re: Friend had Bacterial Meningitis twice, then raped, now suici

Postby quietgirl2538 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:32 pm

You are in a really difficult situation. You did right by being honest with her in how you felt about hers and yours relationship. It's only fair to the both of you. My advice is that you try to do and be there for her as you are able to and are allowed by her. You can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved. If you have knowledge that she is suicidal or is trying to commit suicide, then I recommend for her safety and for you feeling like you did everything you could do for her, is to report her as being suicidal and trying to commit suicide. Let those people who deal with this all the time, handle this. Tell her aunt immediately everything you know. Besides that just try your best to do what you can and be at peace knowing you did everything that was humanly possible.
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