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Continued relationship with sex attacker

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Continued relationship with sex attacker

Postby Pixiestixfaerie » Thu Mar 24, 2016 7:48 am

Okay so here's my story. About a year and a half ago I was seeing this very handsome, talented musician bartender kind of, we were just getting to know each other and I loved this man. His voice, his face everything about him. I'm not obsessed I just appreciated him. Well, I was at his band's show and I was telling this funny story to a man about getting high. So his brother was like want to get high? So I'm like once in a blue moon, why not? So we go to my car and I'm talking with him I think I said flirty things to him it's kind of how I talk anyway. I kept talking to him about how much I liked his brother and we did a line and we kept talking. So he keeps saying he wants to hook up with me and I'm like I like ur brother. He grabs me by the neck and I froze. I had my period and he puts his fingers inside me and says taste it and makes me suck my whatever off his fingers. He grabs my chest and sucks on me and we get out of my car. I don't remember what happened the rest of the night. A month later I go to another show and his brother is there. Decent looking guy amazing eyes, his bro is like go home with me so I did. I dunno why. So the original guy was like I heard you left with my brother like I had cheated on him but we weren't really together and I had told him what happened that bad night and that I was confused. I'm hooking up with both of them for a while. Said some crazy $#%^ (I'm bipolar) and the original guy doesn't want to talk with me and the brother I continue to see to this day. The brother is cold, just wants sex when he texts me (he won't respond if I text him) but I love him. In the beginning he wanted to take me home for thanksgiving but I had to write about what he did to me on Facebook and said I didn't want to do family stuff with him bc of his brother. That's all I want now. I'm so stupid. He's got this strange power over me and I deeply care for him and he doesn't seem to care for me and says he's busy a lot. Am I dumb? Traumatized? Is this common? I wish he would cuddle with me. I miss the original man I was seeing like crazy. Heard he has a gf now and I feel terrible a lot. Not during sex the sex is amazing. My life would be totally different if I didn't get in that car that night a year and a half ago. No one cares and life feels hopeless. I have lots of love to give. He strangled me and I still ###$ this guy, why? :shock: :shock:
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