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i like fire

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i like fire

Postby Eisa » Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:47 am

"pardon me while i burst into flames..." :D

this is a little odd since i'm an alter in a multiple system, and my host doesn't know who i am. but this seemed a good place for this?

i LOVE fire. i like just looking into flames, just seeing flames. it calms and comforts me. and excites me at the same time, somehow. :oops: i really wish that we had a lighter or something, so i could see fire much more often. i am the one who loves candles and likes to drip the wax all over our hands. i like the flash of heat and being so close to the flame.

and i am so tired of hiding these impulses. i don't see why everyone in our system (and presumably our friends and family etc.) think that fire is bad or that fire is scary. fire is beautiful! there is nothing to be afraid of! in my mind, anyway. :roll:
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Re: i like fire

Postby jgrayzz » Thu May 31, 2012 8:46 am

Pyromania intrigues me very much. I can't get enough of hearing about people with it; such a complex and beautiful disorder. A obsession with an energy form; it's just brilliant. Yet, it's so rare, so unheard of compared to other disorders. This forum is dead for christ's sake.

Nothing is wrong with fire, it's beautiful...just not my element if you catch my drift. I'm sure if Hyrdomania existed I'd be a victim though. Hydromania? Why doesn't it exist anyway? It's an element too. Instead of starting fires to cure anxiety you uh...pour water on things? Yeah, or you swim a lot. Hydromania, let's make it happen!

Anyway, it's cool to hear from people like you. Very interesting perspective and all. I am also fascinated by flames as well, I see something in them that sends shivers down my spine. I think all humans have a little Pyro in them. But only some are true children of the fire.
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Re: i like fire

Postby eye_aint_got_no_body » Thu May 31, 2012 3:42 pm

When I was young I was playing a magnifying glass and set a piece of cotton on fire. It must have burned my hand and dropped it, I can't remember, but before I knew it I had a patch of dry grass about 3-4 feet wide on fire and can remember trying to stamp it out with my little feet. :P

I had to run and get help and had half the hillside on fire before they got there to put it out.

I still like fire, and it fascinated me when I was younger, but have never had another instance like that in my life.

I spent many an hour with that magnifying glass during the day and had a cool hand held propane torch I used to burn stuff with outdoor at night and watch the blue flame.
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