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Therapist/Patient boundaries?

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Therapist/Patient boundaries?

Postby blue89blue » Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:45 pm

Both me and my therapist are in 20's. Only he is in his late 20's. I only started seeing him for a few sesions now, but I don't know if the therapy will work out. I don't really see him as my "therapist". I see him more as just a man I find attractive normally, and would like to get to know. More as a friend. The boundraries that are in place feel fake. This is probably because of the small age difference. I feel that the therapy won't work, as I want to get to know him and I feel attracted to him, but at the same time I feel like I can't end it because I don't think I could handle not seeing him. I feel terrible, but I feel the need to push the boundaries that are in place, since I want to be close to him. He is very ethical I suppose, I sometimes try to touch him, but he moves away. Not in a sexual manner, but just to be able to touch his hand at least slightly. Sometimes I won and poked his hand. It is silly, but it feels painful to be in this situation. I told him about my attraction, but he didn't really say anything about it. What should I do ?
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