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Embarrassed by psychologists comments-feel like changing

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Embarrassed by psychologists comments-feel like changing

Postby Greenbluebells » Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:27 am

I have been having relationship problems and specifically went to see a psychologist when I had been suffering extreme guilt and anxiety when dealing and facing up to the consequences of an emotional affair I had (though i hate the term)

As can be expected I came out with a realisation of the underlying issues in my life. Ive had 6 weekly sessions and the first 2 were really nerve racking. The fourth I was so disconnected but eventually told him (for the sake of transparency) the childhood and adult traumas ive been through.

On the fourth session I was calmer and it felt like he knew all my deepest secrets that I given up my control. Towards the end he asked me for my feedback and I said the things we talk about are intimate. He agreed and then advised me of the strict guidelines about what you can and cant do outside therapy. I took it as him thinking it may be an issue that I would have.....that I would want to do that.

The next session we we talking about reactions in our partners and out of nowhere (or at least how I remember it) he says that hes not emotionally attached to his clients but is with his wife. I felt the comments came out of the blue and were intentional
At that moment I was seething with anger with myself. Yes I do find him attractive but thats it. I read about all this transference stuff and I dont want to do that. Everything I say I moderate to ensure no "vibe" comes across that way. But I consultanted a freind who is also a client and was told there was no establishing of guidelines with them and it seemed strange but being a psychologist he could feel something......like I give off something.

I feel like a bit of an idiot and it must be so obvious that given my track record I might form an attachment but at the same time I feel like a thought was placed in my head that wasnt there before. Im considering changing. All other posts suggest to talk about it. But it wasnt an "it" untill I felt that I might be giving off vibes
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