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Dream analysis -help please

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Dream analysis -help please

Postby rainbow2 » Mon May 06, 2013 1:37 pm

Hi all,

Im not sure if this is the correct place to post this message? if not please accept my apologies, and feel free to suggest a more appropriate place to post it :)

I was hoping for some help with a dream i had a few nights ago involving my therapist :shock: Im having difficulty analysing it and an outside opinion would be helpful :wink:

Basically....I was in a park when 2 young girls (approx 8-10yrs) came over and sat next to me and started chatting and asking me questions, I didnt know who they were at first but then they told me that they were adopted and who their mum was, turns out is was my therapist!! I then felt very bad and guilty for talking to them, and knew it was wrong and intruding on my therapists personal life, but at the same time was happy that these kids seemed to like and accept me and that i was happy to be friends with my therapists kids?!? Then my therapist appears carrying a disabled boy (approx 3yrs) she glares at me and I get this panicky feeling and the feeling that this is not ok, its wrong and I shouldnt be talking to her children, I feel deeply ashamed and apologise, but then she sits next to me, with all the other kids still and they keep talking to me, asking me to make them a daisy chain, they wont go away, my therapist just keeps looking at me. Then my therapist says: ok maybe this isnt so bad and we can bend the therapy rules a little, we will sit with you for a while, then the disabled little boy (who has autism too-dont know how i know this, but just do) starts shouting/crying/hitting out, my therapist looks a little alarmed and presses his head with her hands hard, something pops and then he's quiet-my therapist says this is how they have to control his aggression, the boy looks much calmer and my therapist tells her other children to stay with me whilst she takes the boy to bed................then i woke up!!

What the heck does that all mean????????????????

In real life I have no idea whether my therapist has children....although suspect she doesnt have younger children-no toys/signs etc of them at her house (where i go for therapy) she has never mentioned anyone in her family to me except for her husband. I have been seeing her for around 11months, and am starting to become a little reliant on her, which i dont like! Shes a really nice therapist, very patient and kind.

Thanks for reading, any interpretation would be helpful and really interesting to me.
Rainbow x x
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Re: Dream analysis -help please

Postby fiftysix » Mon May 06, 2013 6:27 pm

#1 You are the best person to interpret your dream

#2 the detail of the dream is not particularly significant

# Look to the emotional flavour of the dream. Guilt? etc. If you are dreaming about your therapist, i would say the dream is about your feelings for/about the therapist or about someone else in the dream and its getting mixed up with all the stuff that has been on your mind lately.

#Don't try to read the dream literally. The kids in the dream have nothing to do with the therapists actual family. You mind can't telepathically know what's going in your therapists life. This dream is about you and your own psyche.

The way i understand dreams and i know its an incomplete picture and if accurate at all is only so in the most general way until science can tell us more but here is my take on dreams.

1. Freud was completely wrong about them. Dreams cannot be used to unravel the mysteries of our lives. This point is well known and accepted by everyone. I've read freud on dreams. IT was all just an intellectual diversion. He was completely mistaken.

2. All the popular psychology about dream interpretation is utter crap. Ignore all the symbolism its not true.

3. Dreams are more about processing memories and that means that all the details in it can be so utterly mixed up that has actually no relevant sense in them at all. The stories and details mean absolutey nothing beyond the fact that the imagery is of stuff that your memory has been exposed to and often the imagery is stuff that you have only recently seen. If this were not true, then every single dream we have would have to be significant.

4. The most useful aspects of dreams i have found is to note the emotional flavour of them. I will share one thing with you to show you my point. When i was in therapy, i had a crush on my therapist. Sometimes i used to have dreams about him that had a sexual fizz to them. Now that makes total sense to the actuality of my life. but that's really all they can tell you. ie stuff that you already know.

5. Dreams can be enjoyable to remember. I enjoy my dreams but i know there's no point in looking too deeply because there is no depth there to be found. It can be interesting though to try to reflect back to see where you might have struck this image or that in recent days. I am nearly always able to find the roots of parts of my dreams. eg something i saw on tv last night, something from the news, something someone said, something i was thinking about recently, something that happened recently. This is just all a processing thing and about memory. You can't remember the source of everything. Often time your dreams will include total strangers. But we are exposed to the faces of strangers all day long. It will be just one of these.

Now that we've dealt with the dream, you can go back to dealing with what's going on in your therapy, including how you feel about your therapist.
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Re: Dream analysis -help please

Postby debetoile » Sun Jun 16, 2013 10:45 pm

If this had been my dream (one dream can mean something completely different to someone else), I would have analysed it and thought the following:

The therapist has children which means she is caring. Her children are openly talking to me which means they feel safe and able to talk, they have not been told to keep quiet about things because there is nothing to hide (e.g no abuse at home).
She adopted the children - part of me feels that she is a mother figure.... a mother figure in the sense that she is caring, protects her children, loving, safe stable base, listens to my news of the day however small it can seem, takes interest in my life, will listen to my problems however trivial and silly they may seem
The panic when I was talking to her children - the fear that I shouldn't be talking, saying some things, that I shouldn't tell (like I was told when I was younger). I'm worried about what I say to my therapist because of how she will react. Because she didn't mind me saying those things so I can feel comfortable talking with her about anything.
She didn't tell me to go away but let me stay - deep down I know I can trust her not to reject me.
When the child starts shouting/kicking and the therapist presses his head to calm him down - I feel a sense that I know she is in control, I feel safe that if she is able to deal with him and the situation, then when I get like that she will know what to do, so I don't have to hide my anger in therapy as she won't panic and shout back, but will remain calm and deal with it.
The therapist tells her other children to stay with me - if she trusts me with her children.....she trusts me!

I'm wishing it was my dream now because I would come out of it feeling calm and happy because I realise that I trust my therapist and she trusts me....which means we can work well together :D

For a few years now I've had the sense that some of my dreams are parts of me, inner emotions etc trying to get out and let me know information that on the surface I have covered over and pretended doesn't exist such as: on the surface I don't trust her (why would you trust her when everyone else has let you down), but deep down I know that I am able to trust because she hasn't done anything to disprove this and not everyone will let you down.
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Re: Dream analysis -help please

Postby John-45 » Mon Jun 06, 2016 6:49 pm

Hi, rainbow2
For sure, you should work on your dream with your therapist. To clarify content you’ll be ask to associate to different details. But in general is that you identify yourself with her children/clients, so who is she for you? As an escape you (not she) want to bend rules a little (and to have what relationship instead?). And look out for your aggression! She will control it :)
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