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Sweating, paralysis, vivid dreams, Brain fog

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Sweating, paralysis, vivid dreams, Brain fog

Postby Cecake » Thu Jun 24, 2021 8:00 am

I'm really hoping someone can help me get to the bottom of my sleep issue.

I'll start off saying I have had some of these symptoms on and off for a few years like occasional clusters of night sweats, vivid dreams and I've struggled with excessive day time sleepiness since I was about 14, but only gotten worse as I've gotten older. (26 now) It went from a day nap after school to now I can spend all day and night in and out of sleep without feeling much better. I could get a full 8- 12 hours sleep then a few hours later be so tired I can't keep my eyes open and have to go back to bed.

Over the last 8 months things have taken a complete nose dive though.
I've been back and fourth the doctors for blood tests and a chest xray but they are all coming back fine and there last option is to lower my antidepressants as they think it could be them causing the worsening issues but I'm not so convinced.

I've been waking up every 4 hour without fail, then a few hours later falling back asleep. Almost every time I sleep I have vivid dreams/ sometimes nightmares/ sometimes nothing but the most troubling thing is I'm wake up drenched in sweat, feeling weak and unable to move. I feel almost like I'm stuck between wake and sleep, unable to pull myself out of bad dreams properly, mentally I feel terrible, groggy, disorientated with brain fog which lasts up to 30 minutes. My limbs are heavy and limp and take all my energy to move, I feel woozy and loose my balance and feel not myself and almost euphoric. I wake up craving sugar too. Recently I've started waking up with my feet and hands all contourted but interlocking so it's even harder to move which doesn't help the horrible feeling of waking up drenched in sweat. Sweating from my neck, chest and all down my legs.
I've tried changing loads of things to see if anything helps but it hasn't, I tried eating very healthy for 6 months straight, I changed what time I eat so not to eat several hours before sleeping, tried eating before bed, reducing sugar, eating more sugar incase it was hypoglycaemia, quit smoking. I don't do drugs, occasionally drink alcohol, don't drink tea, coffee or energy drinks, only water. I have light bedding designed to be cooling, silk pillow, light cotton pjs and shorts even with no clothes on, windows open in winter, even at different houses and I still have the same issues almost constantly.
I'm more exhausted since not being able to sleep longer that 4 hours and with all the sweating it's draining and getting my mental health down.

I have thought maybe I have narcolepsy for the last few years due to all the day time sleepiness but the doctors haven't looked into it or anything else sleep disorder related.
As a kid I always struggled getting to sleep and suffered nightterrors which I still occasionally get. I used to be a very active kid who would function off 4 hours sleep but since my teenage and 20s things just keep getting worse and I don't know what's causing what and if I'll ever sleep properly again.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!
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