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Trying to figure out if this is from psych issue or...

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Trying to figure out if this is from psych issue or...

Postby NeikoMeeks » Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:22 pm


Hi all, I dont think Ive ever posted on this site but I lurked around a lot before finally making an account a few months back and now I have a question...

I have multiple psych conditions including... Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, CPTSD, OCD, Agoraphobia, and Major Depressive Disorder.

Lately... like the last month... ive been sleeping ridiculous amounts and im still exhausted. I dont know what's going on and am unable to get a therapist and psychiatrist for atleast another 4 weeks due to an insurance change (I was recently declared Seriously Mentally Ill and in my state they then put you on an integrated insurance program that combines physical health and psych health - it takes time to get it all activated and such though.)

Basically my sleep habits have looked like this:
sleep 9 hours, up 4, sleep another 6, up 36 hours, sleep 6 hours, up 3 hours, sleep 18 hours, up 2-5 hours, sleep 3-5 hours, up another 36-48, sleep another 15... continue on and on and on. Im waking up in sweats, nauseous, anxious, and exhausted. Before this started I had about 5-6 months of such vivid dreams I couldn't tell when I was awake vs asleep, which was frightening. Now those dreams are completely gone, im not getting stuck in dreams like I was - the cycle of falling asleep, dreaming, waking up in another dream, then another, then another. But now it's like I cant get any actual rest?

I thought I was just really depressed, my living situation is currently less than ideal so I thought that was it.... but this seems like more than depression (which Ive been dealing and struggling with for over 20 years.)

I dont know if Ive made any sense... im just at a loss... ive googled and tried to force myself to only sleep a certain amount of time but then I just fall asleep sitting up... Ive tried forcing a schedule but then I just lay in bed all night "trying" to sleep and not actually doing it. Ive always had issue sleeping at night but nothing this severe. Im not on any medication; previously I was on prozac, risperidone, trazodone, and benadryl.

Im open to any and all suggestions, thoughts, ideas... I appreciate anyone reading this.

Thanks again all,
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