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I can't sleep after interrupted hypnosis.

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I can't sleep after interrupted hypnosis.

Postby Thomas0 » Sun Mar 25, 2018 3:33 pm

I got hypnotized by a TV show in which a hypnotist was carrying out hypnosis experiment on people, then they asked watchers who want to try it on themselves. I did all as he was telling me.
When I started to knock out, at this exact moment it scared me, so I managed to wake myself up somehow, becoming back conscious.
And after this I can't sleep normally, because my heart beats faster when I'm starting to fall asleep or relax (like through slow breathing etc).
I can't control this, nothing worries me when I go to sleep, but seems like my heart has another representation :(
So I need to use sleeping medicine every day and to fall asleep without exactly relaxing my brain (or it will be beating fast like night and start to hurt so I'll wake up). It's like when I stay awake and active mentally my heart beats slower then when I relax, so I just wait being kind of alert until the medicine works and puts me into sleeping.
Seems like I somehow reordered my natural relaxing program when that hypnosis happened and it still can't change back into normal, now I don't know what to do with it! :? It's been a year since this happened.
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