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Why do I need so much sleep?

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Why do I need so much sleep?

Postby Pinkfeather » Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:01 am

I sleep more than the average person and I don't understand why. I'll try to explain.

I work at a school so back in the spring my schedule was fine. I'd go to bed around 12am and get up at 8am for work. I would be really tired initially but wake up once in the shower, and I'd be okay until 12am. Then in the summer I did summer school and that started earlier, so I had to wake up at 7am for that. I felt zombie like and miserable all morning. It was only a half day so I'd come home around 1:30pm and need a nap. I would try to get to sleep earlier at like 11pm but I couldn't fall asleep until after 12am and I was miserable every morning getting up so early. It's like I'm the opposite of normal people, I can only go to sleep late and wake up late.

Now I have a few weeks off before I start regular school again and I may be going to an earlier school in the fall. So I may have to get up at 6:30am starting soon. I'm worried about it. But now that I'm not working, I sleep way too late and I can't control it. Last night I went to sleep at around 2:30am, so I figured I'd be awake at 10:30am or so. No, I didn't wake up until 1pm. I had an alarm set for 9am but I hit snooze few times and I guess I accidentally turned it off. I don't want to sleep this late on my days off, too many sunlight hours wasted. I talked to my friend about it who's a morning person and she thought it was the weirdest thing, sleeping that late. She laughed and couldn't believe it.

So why do I need so much sleep? Is there anyone else out there who goes through this too?
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Re: Why do I need so much sleep?

Postby Darill » Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:17 pm

I sleep a lot and feel sleepy when I get very emotionally tired. I also sleep a lot in autumn. My doctor prescribed me special pills, here is their description *mod edit*. These pills help me balance sleep, feel more active, improve my cognitive abilities, and also helps to concentrate and stay motivated. Perhaps you need to talk with your doctor to find the cause of your fatigue?
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