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Is this normal? My wife can't resist sleepiness

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Is this normal? My wife can't resist sleepiness

Postby Isildur11 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:04 pm

Hi everyone,
I search around the internet but could not find any clear answer to the question I have.
Here is the thing: my wife is a pretty active person, but every time she feels even just a little sleepy, she gives in, even if she is sitting at the desk, lays her head down and sleeps.
It's stronger than her, I am not sure exactly how to describe it, but it's definitely not like a normal nap. Her eyes start closing without her apparently wanting to, things start mixing in her head at the point she doesn't get what I say anymore, and just starts sleeping. Even if she is standing, as soon as she feels the "urge" to sleep, she just sits or lays down, and sleeps. It's like she doesn't have control, or doesn't want to have control (quite often I complain to her cause it really seems she just wants to sleep cause it's "too strong to resist", even if something important needs to be done, or we are actively making projects or working)

I am not sure if it's a case of sleep disorder, but if it can help, a couple times she kinda scared me in the night with a few cases of shouting (I believe), kicking me by moving too much and I think apnea (though I can't tell since I was just half awake when it happened). Most of the other times I saw her sleeping she was just normal, but these few cases made me wonder.

It's getting frustrating since she wakes up at 8 every day and basically drops around 9pm even if she just stays in the office during the day, or has a relaxing one.
It seems to be getting worse with the summer heat, so I wonder if it's related.

As a side note, if she gets interested in something, even during the "about to fall asleep" phase, she just "wakes up" and doesn't sleep until, say, midnight.

Boredom? Disorder? I would like to help her cause she feels frustrated too at times, especially if we watch a movie, or sorry if we have something important to do
Looking for some insights from the experts :)
Thanks in advance

p.s. she is Japanese, and yes, they do sleep in the train too.
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Re: Is this normal? My wife can't resist sleepiness

Postby flutterflier » Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:45 am

This is called narcolepsy. She should see a doctor - medications may help.
It's not worth it.
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Re: Is this normal? My wife can't resist sleepiness

Postby Rive » Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:57 pm

It doesnt sound like nacrolepsy to me but she might have a underlying medical condition and she shouldnt drive.
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