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Does this sound like delayed sleep phase disorder?

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Does this sound like delayed sleep phase disorder?

Postby Nokturnal » Mon Jan 02, 2017 11:29 am

Hi. Since I started school at 5, my mum through no fault of her own, always had a difficult time getting me out of bed and ready even although I was asleep for 10.30pm after going to bed at around 8.30pm.. I loathed school nights.

We used to joke about it all years later but the truth is, as a 29yr old, I still have the same problem. Unless I have an appointment or have to be somewhere for like 8am, I can't wake up until 10am or later. It seems if I wake at 11am I won't feel tired until 2 or 3am. I will set numerous alarms for half 6 but when they sound, I'll be like ***k that, turn them off and wake up at noon furious with myself.

I work 4 till 11pm so I am pretty much able to follow my own sleep pattern. Don't get me wrong if I was offered 50 bucks to haul ass out of bed at 6am I could but I hate the groggy feeling that lasts for about an hour.

Does this sound like dspd or something that can't be fixed?

Ps my parents used to argue over this as my dad used to "turn day into night" lol so I probably got it from him?

Kind regards
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