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Weird dreams and lack of nightmares

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Weird dreams and lack of nightmares

Postby bunnybug » Sat Jul 09, 2016 10:52 pm

I've had dreams where i'm anxious and bad dreams but never a true nightmare, I never wake up scared or terrified, I'm completely calm or I sleep right through it. Especially with bipolar I would expect to be having the worse but no, even when I was at my worst I had maybe some vivid dreams.
I also get a really weird fake sleep paralysis in the morning where I'm asleep but in the dream I can't move. I'm in my bed and I have hallucinations within the dream like someone is in the room, shadows or pressure on the bed. In the dream I sometimes struggle to move and then I just wake up or sleep through it. I am also aware of my room while being asleep. Maybe i'm asleep with my eyes open? No idea. Had these since I was a kid.

I dunno why I'm posting this because it doesn't interfere with me at all. I just thought it was very weird.
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