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Missed Periods for three months?

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Missed Periods for three months?

Postby Butterfly28 » Wed May 16, 2012 7:28 am

Last October, I went to see my doctor about birth control and settled on the Mirena IUD. I had it put in about the middle of that month, after which, I had strange, brown, old clotted blood looking discharge for a few weeks. I mentioned this to my doctor when I went in for my follow up and he said it was normal.

The discharge lasted for a couple of months more and then regulated to a monthly occurrence. I had taken it as my period now that I had the IUD in. I also had some funny cramping on one side of my pelvis for a while but that seemed to go away and I took that as another part of the IUD effects.

Then, after my period in February, which was a little light, I had no further periods up to this date. Again, I thought nothing of it due to it being one of the said effects the doctor described when I went in for the initial visit.

Now, my ex-boyfriend ( whom I broke up with in March ) and I used condoms as well, just to be extra careful. Also, I've had no real symptoms of pregnancy i.e. swollen, tender breasts, morning sickness, abnormally frequent urination.

I am one of those people who always has a "What if?" at the back of my mind. I also have reason to be concerned as I take medications that shouldn't be taken whilst pregnant as they have been known to cause severe birth defects ( I am bi-polar ) and have consumed high amounts of caffeine ( I am struggling with caffeine/soda addiction ). Should I get a pregnancy test just on the off chance that I could possibly be pregnant. Should I call my doctor as well?
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