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Bipolar and pregnant

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Re: Bipolar and pregnant

Postby Chucky » Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:20 pm

Butterfly Faerie wrote:Anxiety & depression can go to my baby it is linked on my mothers side, and life is still good.
Just because a mother-to-be has bipolar doesn't mean she cannot be a mother.
At least having it herself she can see perhaps early signs of it (if the child shows signs as it's not always going to happen with every baby and mental illness) and be able to get it treated right away....

That's how I look at it with my pregnancy, is if the child later on exhibits anxiety for any reason at least I can nip it in the butt and hopefully stem it from getting to the point it did me.

However, it's always best to discuss anything like this with your doctor....

That's correct, and it's the viewpoint that all mothers should take - i.e. that the baby is merely an extension of her body. A baby's bloodstream is directly linked to it's mother's via the placenta umbolical chord, after all. So, anything that's absorbed into the mother's bloddstream also enters that iof the baby, including caffeine, alcohol, and an innumerable amount of other chemicals.

Look after yourself; look after your baby.

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Re: Bipolar and pregnant

Postby LadyMarian » Sat Apr 13, 2013 8:31 pm

Every pregnancy is different. I think is better for you to make a consultation with your doctor about this unpleasant times. He/she could give you some advises to get trough them :)
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