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Strange Period...

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Strange Period...

Postby FoxForrest » Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:51 pm


I've always be terrified of getting pregnant, it's the last thing I need, ever since starting to have sex I've always be anxious about getting pregnant, I get really paranoid and worry about it a lot, any tiny sign of getting pregnant I get test, regularly, it probably doesn't help that I have sex un-protective (I can't stand condoms), I'm on the micro pill which I've read online that it's not the best and a lot of people have got pregnant on it and earlier on this month I messed up a little bit, (I've messed up a couple times but with luck haven't got pregnant) and got back on track, and had no sign of being pregnant.

I get regular period, and mine came this month like normal & on perfect time, I'm on some pills, i don't know what they are called which help to regulate and keep my periods under control as they tend to cause insane amount of pain, make me sick and often faint, which I've been taking the past three periods, so I think it's finally starting to kick in.

I was at college today, (I'm 17 soon 18) and I'm three days into my period, I forgot to make sure that I have some pads with me, so I couldn't change to a fresh one, once I got home I went and changed it, when I notice the discharge was different.... It was thick and really bloody, it was messy and sticky however there wasn't much there, especially for the middle of the period, it was heavier yesterday, but it was different from normal... So I brought it up to my mother, who mentioned that if I had, had unprotected sex and got pregnant it could cause my next period (If I had one - which would be this one) to be like this or it could be a sign that I'm anemic, I don't eat & drink a lot plus my mother use to be too... I'm scared I'm pregnant, I'm taking a clear blue test after I finish my period.

I was wondering, if maybe it's normal and not because i'm pregnant? (I think I've had one like this before, ages & ages ago) Is this a sign of being pregnant? Am I over worrying?

If you could give me your thoughts or anything it would really help! Thank you!!!

FoxForrest x
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Re: Strange Period...

Postby Cheze2 » Sat Mar 08, 2014 1:59 pm

I am someone who has irregular menstrual cycles, and so my cycles are (obviously) very different each time. I have had cycles that were very heavy, some that were rather light, and some that even were alternating in their days between heavy and light with no real pattern. Every cycle can be different. I would say that if this is something that you are very concerned about you can always just call and leave a message for your doctor or OB/GYN.
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