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Dreams - a different view

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Dreams - a different view

Postby RapidMallard78 » Fri Oct 29, 2021 9:35 pm

It's been 47 years since my trauma. I still have debilitating dreams. I have come to imagine the dreams as knotted up muscles in my brain, and the physical fear as painful gas bubbles buried deep beneath layers and layers of knotted up muscles (dreams). Once the gas bubbles begin to come through it may become too painful and the knotted up muscles push it back again. By controlling the dream the gas is released slowly and at a pace I can handle. But once the gas is released I feel so much better. The emotion needs to come out to feel better. Don't fight it, control the fall. I have read about medications that can decrease the dreams. That would greatly help in the severity but I question if getting rid of the nightmares all together is really wise. Don't we need the release??
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Re: Dreams - a different view

Postby Terry E. » Sat Oct 30, 2021 9:56 pm

Mine occurred over a very long time. The worst of it over 50 years ago. The nightmares gradually reduced in number, last few years maybe only four a year. No where near as bad, now more bad dreams than nightmares> Maybe, have not a real nightmare for a year.

The change occurred with me taking control in my dreams and trying to kill my abuser. I never succeed, I now wake in panic when I just can't finish them off. Still much better than before. At least I don't feel that terrible humiliated feeling all over again.

I have read as much as I can to understand what happened to me, and how society and everyone around me let it happen. I think that understanding helps.

Never a day goes by when at some point I see something, hear something and think of something that happened, or lie in bed wondering how someone could do what she/they did.

I am glad you are finding it getting better. Hope you can continue to experience the improvement.

Take care.
Terry E.
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