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Is this a flashback or just anxiety?

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Is this a flashback or just anxiety?

Postby Aiodbne » Tue Jan 01, 2019 10:22 am

So I have these thoughts about things that have happened in my past that play out like a nightmare in my head but I can’t wake up because I’m already awake. Most of the time when I have these thoughts they will make me panic instantly. They are based on what happened, but they’re more exaggerated. So for example when I was younger I would get in the car with a girl who had been doing lots of drugs and was clearly intoxicated 24/7 and one time she crashed and it was nothing major and we just laughed it off but I now I can see it like I’m watching a movie just the whole car wreaked and her and I dead even though we didn’t die and that didn’t actually happen? And these sort of thoughts send me into panic- sobbing, shaking, can’t breathe, sweating.... yeah you get the point
Another example is last night when a car boot slammed down and hit my forehead (I feel so lucky to be alive tbh) and 30 minutes later I was having a panic attack with this video playing in my mind in third person of me with my head/neck smashed in between the boot of the car. I have a million different thoughts just like these and I wish I could just leAve the past in the past but my brain won’t let me!!!
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Re: Is this a flashback or just anxiety?

Postby Terry E. » Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:06 am

I will lean to anxiety. Most of us will have some drama or trauma and although it effects us, what you are experiencing is a bit disproportionate to the trauma. Do you also suffer from other issues ?
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