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The curse

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The curse

Postby serpand » Sat Feb 13, 2021 7:10 pm

At the center of all matter
Lies the illusion of space
Words are so dense they flatter
A compliment to the race
Of people who dance no matter
Whatever conditions they face
The joy they experience after
The heart becomes void of hate
The reasons we turn into darkness
Are intrinsically bound to the fate
Of one who sees no laughter
In the eyes of a friendly shape
Alone can not with others
Allow himself to be fake
Intimacy is searched for a lifetime
Meaning for an empty soul
While all the time is inside us
The power to break this curse
Of loneliness despite surrounded
By those who love us the most
There is no point in trying
If only expecting the worst
The hardest thing of lying
Is a bubble eager to burst
To speak the truth so many
Have died for having to trust
A crowd that before destroying
Will listen to reason first
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