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The silent voice

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The silent voice

Postby serpand » Wed Feb 03, 2021 3:45 am

There once was a boy
That did not talk
He was shy but not coy
Through the streets he walked
His mind would flood with thoughts
Monologue of perpetual circular motion
He didn't had the notion
He was trapped inside the inner circle of consciousness

He heard others express opinions
But remained silent with his mind empty
Has others talked
Eventually he would drift away
And created an elaborate opinion if his own
Sometimes for days until exhaustion
He had no initiative and just followed the others
Who felt great and attributed depression to stupidity
He drinked and smoked with them
Desperate for a real connection
But eventually became sad and empty

Alone he was not a social anomaly so he embraced solitude
Has others would make him feel detached
Has they would judge him for his maladaptive behaviors

The boy knew something was broken
He could not see how it could be fixed
He talked to the mind doctors
Who gave him many pills
And after much conversation
He found the answer was that he was responsible
To live and learn from his mistakes
He could not stand still waiting for help
He was he's own rescuer
Sometimes people would help
Others would push him down
But since you may choose how to heal yourself
And who you spent your time with
He knew he had to search for the right people
He could choose his context according to his structure
And thus be free of the shackles of silence
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