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The blob

Postby serpand » Tue Feb 02, 2021 10:28 pm

Burrowed deep
In the Dark Forest
Bellow a sinuous creek
The roots of an ancient oak are stirred
As a blob awakens
From its winter slumber
At first it shakens
Then burps a thunder
Time has turned it
Into dense viscosity
It feeds on illusion
From ego construction
It chokes on the spirit
Of freedom of Nature
What craves the most
Is knowledge abolishment
And to erase the deep connection
Between all which is alive
Polluting the very center
Of all the meaning of all life

The knowledge of the self
Turns the blob into a drop
Which can be confined
Within the walls of consciousness

Power inflates the blob
If it is used to improve one life
At the cost of another
In the name of massive consumption
The destruction of the environment
Is linked to a disease in the mind
Which failed to be diagnosed

Beware of the blob
It lives in the dark forest
Of our minds
Turn it into a drop
By melting the frozen heart
Which was given to us broken
For us to fix and prove worthy
Of the warmth of the embrace
Of everything that surrounds us
Has the mind absorbs
The universe into itself
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