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Age of Deceit

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Age of Deceit

Postby Darktolight74 » Mon Mar 09, 2020 5:21 am

Today in America truth is treason in the Age of Deceit
And there’s no blindness like self conceit

Today in America forgotten are the lessons and wisdom of old
And the love of so many has grown dark and cold

Today in America the cross of the church is covered in stains of rust
And the Sunday services only pander to their own lust

Today in America the schools teach our youth division and fear
While never learning what is just and fair

Today in America Politician's overrule the people and delay
As the constitution rots in a sea of decay

Today in America liberty and freedom is pushed aside
For slavery and authoritarian social justice suicide

Today in America labels of stigma breeds hate and contempt
And the lonely man especially is not exempt

Today in America the media masquerades as the arbiter of truth
Molding and shaping the minds of the impressionable youth
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