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A thinking of brain, not the heart

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A thinking of brain, not the heart

Postby sorrochaqlin » Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:30 pm

Hi everyone, I don't know what is this country, maybe american. A short time ago I read the lyric by David Bowie. He said I am afraid of americans, I am afraid of the world. The americans don't want to be a slow psychichiatry what is terrible for me.
I couldn't use this "bulletin board" very good, so the poem what I wrote was deleted, I wrote a poem for the psychforums, because I like writing and in my chest has a pain and I want a calm in my senses(brain). I try to write a similar poem. At now in my country has a holyday.

Title : A thinking of brain, not the heart

In my imagination I met the one,
who lived the numbers of the human,
they lived with true and real
speech and act,
that fact is not bad.

there will be a good multiplication,
the first persons say a medication,
The Brain Couldn't has an ill,
because the Universe say that
from the first step until the last step.

I draw in the cave,
my brain in the cave,
I couldn't write, because
"psychiatry" has a rope,
a bad belt.

I couldn't understand
unexisting letters what are
god, spirit, soul,
pscyhiatry, dopamine, serotonin.

at now the bad in the world,
the pain in my life,
is intolerable,
because my death is not happy.

there will be a new age,
without psychiatry,
there will be a new name,
and hundreds and hundreds,
my body will be atoms without happy,
without happy.

the first persons has a clear speak,
they have the best what is a moral,
they spoke that was a murder,
just not a good life, my life.

a democracy doesn't has a freedom,
I don't need a democracy.

the pills couldn't influence the brain,
just kill the cell,
the brain are great, simple and big good.

the brain couldn't has an ill,
but the brain could be a patient,
but not forever.

Thank you. Sorrow borrow one great thought. In my opinion the great thought cause happy.
Sorry my english and I very rarely read poems in english language. The psychiatry's employees never say nothing. They couldn't too much right sentences. And the patients never want talk too much about the world. I don't know very well the english language(?).
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Re: A thinking of brain, not the heart

Postby sorrochaqlin » Sat Oct 06, 2018 7:44 pm

Bad thoughts in the world

The universe made by atomic
the transportation is easy
molecula made by atomic
not found serotonin or dopamin
that are not molecula
You need Mendeleev
You see the sign on the table

Acids in your brain
alcohol on your arms
thoughts in your mind
live free in your mind
no exist a religion
nothing exist in a psychiatry

You are locked in a building
You need more nutriment
You need more movement
or else your life will be shorter
what mean they kill you

You lie on your bed
that is your job
You are not rest
the all atomics show you
the psychiatry unexisting
You need understand the reality

From Mesopotamia
until Roman Empire
the writings and speaking
say no "mental disorder"

From the begining of humanity
until the last of humanity
the all normal people
know no mental disorder
the real science write and wrote
the all things about the people

Psyche in greek "temple"
is a "God" what is a "soul"
they "pray" in a "temple"
and know nothing
about the reality

They not understand
the language
and not know the alphabet
and the numbers

They not know the time
what pass away when
the globe turn once
and not know the name
of continents and what
is the sun

When you see them
they not know what happen
only they do the most
blameworthy what is
the first forbidden
what is a murder

The first religion began
before era 500
and greek Psyche
lives solo life

The question is not
how are you
but how long is your life
not "dream" when you sleep
only you are thinking
I hope you are alive
one little more time
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