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The darkness within

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The darkness within

Postby serpand » Fri Jan 26, 2018 4:07 pm

What is what is hidden
So deep here inside
That lurkes within beaten
And crawls without sight

When darkness descents
And opens it's veil
It closes all meaning
Thou shall not prevail

As burden is sinked in
A boat without sail
So silence will bury
All will sure will fail

When hope is forgotten
When hammer strucks nail
The coffin is darkness
The digger a snail

If time for forgiveness
Is stretched far too long
Lost is the way back
To where you belong

What is the main difference
Between right and wrong
All good may breed evil
All evil will spawn

There are many paths
Which lead to fulfillment
But only one way
We find as we lay
In mud as we wait
For death as a fate
When all is revealed
Where nothing is real
Broken is the seal
Darkness flees at last
It lives in the passed
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