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anti parasites / mental health treatment

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anti parasites / mental health treatment

Postby user03 » Fri Dec 28, 2018 7:46 pm

hi, i was wondering if anyone has experimented or used anti parasites and / or colon cleansers. i believe i have been suffering a while from parasites and / or unhealthy colon, and i was hoping to purchase something off label / non prescribed to possibly help with the discomfort i regularly experience.

i have read a lot on parasites, what types there are, and what problems they can cause, and i relate to the majority of them. in my case, i get easily bloated or easily full from eating or even hours afte eating and wanting to eat again and / or just in general throughout my days, have nausea, and agitation, etc. i have not been eating as much as would be necessary these days, and i exclude this from other factors which is having depression. i understand depression can cause these issues or similarly, but i already factored that in and it isn't a psychological / chemical / hormone issue that would be prevent me from eating as well as i could.

that being said, i know i would need seperate treatment for my depression and other problems, "psychosis" is one element still unclear in all this, although one of my past psychiatrists "diagnosed" me with this, i have researched psychosis in great detail and still can't see myself fitting it, because i feel like other things can explain "it". i even suspect that i might suffer from hypomania, and this itself makes it complicated too, since some studies show that people with even regular depression or "unipolar depression" may still experience some hypomania here and there occasionally, so everything becomes more confusing for me.

the reason why i suspect i have hypomania is because i may feel agitated / distressed, even when having regular bowel movement, and will just feel weird / my brain feeling haywire, although again, someone with depression alone can feel this way too, there are other explanations too, but i try not to exclude anything if it can have some sort of explanation.

just last night, i was up for like half the night, 2 hours in particular at first, i wanted to sleep, i was tired, but i was kept up and agitated, i also noticed i suffered from some gastroparesis a bit too, the food in my stomach was just sitting there and not moving / digesting the way it should, this sometimes will happen, and all i can do is just wait, drink water, and / or eat a little lighter / less until my next bowel movement.

i also noticed my feet and hands being pretty numb and cold, despite keeping myself as warm as possible underneath my blanket and even putting on socks. they mentioned that some parasites can do this, because they lower iron levels, creating deficiencies or anemia, and i feel like this applies to me. i noticed always having somewhat lower platelet levels in blood tests, and this has been consistent for many many years. perhaps antiparasites / combining with other supplements and increasing iron somewhat would help.

now my bigger question is if antiparasites are safe in general or which ones would be best, factoring in my mental health conditions as well as one problem i fear is if taking the anti parasites may aggravate or worsen other problems such as anxiety and stress. also i am scared maybe i cough up / throw up stuff in the process of doing it, and i certainly wouldn't want that, whether that's supposed to happen or not. as long as it all gets flushed down low, that's fine, but not from above :( .

i was looking at the black walnut hull, wormwood, and clove combination, it seemed promising and reviews from amazon were fair and decent, however, from what i read, wormwood seems to be a gaba antagonist and as someone who already has distress / insomnia / anxiety going to sleep and overall, i am not sure if this would be appropriate to take and i may not be able to handle it, but it's not so much the handle part, im already trying to find gaba supplements to aid with my sleep and general well being. could i perhaps combine both or this not recommended. i also want to take ginseng for depression / stress or other things that it can possibly help with like brain inflammation, however i am still unsure of what to do / how to go about all this.

i also forget to add ginger which seems to help in almost all domains which can help with gastroparesis, cleaning the colon / parasites, and helping the body remain stable as parasites are dying off.
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