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Husband fractured my spine

An Open Discussion on Physical Abuse.

Husband fractured my spine

Postby presley14 » Mon May 07, 2018 1:14 am

I grabbed my husband’s phone and threw it. I was on my knees on the bed. He ran over and hit me in the back in the exact same manner as the gorilla hit Tarzan in the movie. It was the most pain I’d ever experienced in my life, other than childbirth. I couldn’t move. I yelled out, quiet as a whisper because of the pain, that I felt the bone break and I couldn’t sit up. I had been hit with such force that I was hunched over. He ran over and ripped me backward by my hair. I could move, but that caused a whole other amount of severe pain. Having just had a baby 3 months prior, my body was still recuperating from that. My husband left, to go to Sprint to replace his phone. I got up and walked very slowly but focused on my new baby. I breastfeed only, no bottles or formula, so I nursed my 3 month old through the excruciating pain and went on the best I could through the pain. I chose not to call an ambulance for help, to see a doctor, nor did I file a report. I could not bare to do anything that would impede my feeding my baby and taking care of him. This moment, did get me close to leaving, but it didn’t. Marriage is supposed to last. I don’t want my baby growing up in a broken home. I will say, this has caused me to not love him like I did. I’m not even sure I have a question. I have just kept this in and there is no real help out there.
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Re: Husband fractured my spine

Postby shock_the_monkey » Mon May 07, 2018 12:18 pm

you have to get this professionally looked at. this could be very serious indeed.
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