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So emotional right now

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So emotional right now

Postby Bobbyjo2 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:13 am

Me and my partner of almost 2 years finally broke up for good on the weekend. He is an alcoholic and has anger management issues. Throughout our time together the abuse got worse, at the start he would put his hands around my neck then remove them straight away to started choking me and hair pulling. He has kicked and thrown me to the ground a few times as well. He has threaten to punch me in the face a few times but never did until last weekend, at the start it was choking and hair pulling and I scratched his face in the attempt to get him off me, then out of the blue he punched me above my eye. It swelled up instantly and I was completely shocked that he did it. I have never reported the abuse as with choking and hair pulling there is no physical evidence and felt stupid going to the police without evidence. Anyway at the time I was completely shocked so I was going to go down to the hospital to see my mum (she was sick at the time), on the way there I drove past a police car and I thought it was fate so I stopped and talked to them which then resulted in an IVO and him being charged with assault. We go to court on Thursday for the ivo and obviously he hasn't been able to contact me.
Obviously even though he has hurt me and has been a complete ass, I know he is making out he hit me unintentionally and he was pissed off because he has been charged and obviously blames me for it (most of the times he has hurt me it was my fault as I provoke him which I know is a lie as a lot of the time we would argue and I would be sitting and he would lunge at me) but I am a complete emotional wreck as I miss him which I know I shouldn't and I know he doesn't care about me at all. My dad went round there today to pick up my stuff for me and the asshole didn't even ask how I was which has killed me. I'm so upset right now and want to call him up but I think he wants that to help with his case so I'm restraining myself to do it. Don't have anyone to talk to as I'm obviously put on the tough girl persona like I couldn't care less about him but I'm so upset right now. Don't really want to talk to a psychologist as I don't really like to express myself and personally wouldn't know where to start. I know this is for the best, it wasn't healthy and he didn't loved me but it still hurts.
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Re: So emotional right now

Postby quietgirl2538 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:07 pm

At times like this, it's good to have a friend you can confide in. Getting started with a psychologist would be ideal if you already had a good one and a good relationship with one, but it's not so easy. I can understand that. People can judge you, including family, for missing him and feeling hurt, but with a therapist or any other professional, you are not judged and they sometimes understand better than others in our lives. I'd definitely recommend doing like you are doing and stay away from him. You don't deserve to be treated in that hurtful way by him. If possible I'd also recommend looking into therapy of some sort in the future, as I believe it can only benefit you. Hugs if wanted. I know this is a very difficult time for you.
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Re: So emotional right now

Postby Terry E. » Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:30 am

Bobbyjo2 wrote:
(most of the times he has hurt me it was my fault as I provoke him which I know is a lie as a lot of the time we would argue and I would be sitting and he would lunge at me)

getting into an argument, that I can see, storming out of the house, yeah, that too .. but how in your mind do you rationalize that it is actually your fault ..were you hitting him at the time ???

I hope you are okay but I think you dodged a bullet
Terry E.
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