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Toxic abusive relationship

An Open Discussion on Physical Abuse.

Toxic abusive relationship

Postby Lovingmex3 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:28 am

Hi everyone this is my first post! I wanted to share my story and seek advice. This will be long so bare with me! My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years. 4 years online and 3 years in person. even when we were datint online it was abusive. He called me names and would ignore me for days or weeks. He showed up at my house one day with flowers and ever since then we have been inseparable. We moved in together and things got bad. He was very controlling. I had to use a certain amount of toilet paper, reuse my towel after showering, pick up every crumb off the counter or i was a lazy b!tch who doesn't know how to clean. We fought about this a lot to the point i felt i never did anything right. I got into a routine of cleaning the house spotless and doing the things he requested. I did speak to him about this but he didnt care wht i had to say. Things got worse and he got physical for the first time. He pinched my breast so hard that it left a mark. After that the relationship turned physical. I dont remember the other fights we had but he would get angry quick and I quickly picked up on his behaviors and got physical too. We fought constantly everyday. It was miserable. Whenever we fought something would break, his phone, my phone or the tv. He started distancing himself and i knew he was cheating. Come to find out he was. We ended up moving into a new apartment and i moved out a week later. I started healing but he came back in my life. I moved back in thinking it would change and it never did. He was still speaking to same girl. Lying about everything. I started going crazy and not being myself. I was crying everyday and depressed. I didnt know why i went back when i said i would never. We still fought constantly after the honey moon stage. Went to counseling once and Nothint changed. One day i had it. I caught him talking to the same girl for the 5th time and cut uo all his stuff and moved out. I was done. I never wanted to be that person who was so angry and broke things. That is not how i am. I moved on for good, as i thought, i wasn't constantly thinking about him. I didnt care. I knew it wouldnt change and i had no more feelings for him. I started dating other people. He found out and begged for me back. I have never seen him like this before. He was doing everything i ever wanted. Being kind, caring about my feelings. Doing the small things for me. He ended up moving with me and my family and we have been good. Except one day i went to ajob interview. Im a nanny and he took me to it. I met with the husband and his kid bc the mom was at work. He was very jealous and started screaming at me as soon as i got in the car.. threw water on me and swerving the car. I got so mad i kicked his dashboard and broke his key and we were stranded. It was horrible. Then last night we got drunk and it turned into an episode. We drink occasionally and everything is fine but thus night was the worst. He hit me and i had it and broke his tv. We were so upset we went back to our old ways after we have been doing good for months. We even were in the process of buying a house and trying for a baby. Now i dont want anything to do with him. This is a never ending cycle. Its good then bad, bad then good. i get blamed for everything when i try so hard and he doesnt care. We both are in the wrong. Its very toxic and we both push eachothers buttons. Sad to say this is really coming to an end i think but its for the best.
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Re: Toxic abusive relationship

Postby Terry E. » Wed Jul 05, 2017 4:43 am

At least it is before a third very young and vulnerable person joins the mix.
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