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Abuse ONLY when partner uses drug

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Abuse ONLY when partner uses drug

Postby nowlincd » Wed Dec 30, 2015 6:20 am

I am trying so hard to understand why my partner is wonderful to be with at all times except when she has used meth. I met her 4.5 years ago.. First two years of relationship was fun, beautiful. She treated me the way we all deserve to be treated and I did her. Then she used meth. She had a business, we had a good life. She began to use off and on for about 8 months. Which is unacceptable. I was in shock. She began to threaten me when she was high, really bad, even deadly threats and yet I never fought with her, there was nothing going on except for her turning into a person I did not recognize. Abuse escalated very quickly. I finally left her after about 7 months. I was staying in a shelter. She asked me to come over and help her with her mortgage one last time. I did. She held me for 16 hours over night and it was bad. Long story short, she is now in prison for it. During the 8 months, she would sober up and be stunned at herself and feel horrible. She would use again and it would happen again. I am back togehter with her. She is in prison until 9/17. She is taking classes for help. She will be 50 when she is out. She had never abused anyone before. She wants our life back...she wants beauty and love and light surrounding us. I do as well. I want that human being that I loved being with so much. My family is very upset and does not want this to happen. One of my sons is willing to cut me out of his life if i do not leave for good. He never met her. I cannot figure out why my mate would turn into a monster when high but never when she wasn't. I have a serious decision to make. She says she will never use again. She feels she was put in prison to learn and change this before it was too late. I am very confused. Not sure if I should give up on her... I feel that I do not want to give up on her but I will if I am being foolish somehow
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Re: Abuse ONLY when partner uses drug

Postby Terry E. » Wed Dec 30, 2015 7:09 pm

Has she shown any other form of addictive behavior before. Collecting, hoarding, gambling etc. ??

Did she use milder drugs before, smoke, alcohol.

What you ask is very difficult and I would like a bit more info. I have some ideas, but try and get back to us on these questions.
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