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My friend punched me...

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My friend punched me...

Postby spideylover11 » Sun Aug 09, 2015 6:24 am

Last week I moved to across the country to live with my friend in hopes of finding a job and actually having money. I thought this was a great idea. Living with her, being around my best friend, more opportunities.

When I arrived things were great, we were hanging out and catching up, reminiscing, and I was happy. Then one day, we got up early and spent a great day with one of her friends. We went to museums and gardens in the area. After that we went out and got drinks and some food. Everything was good. I got a bit drunk early, but switched to water and ate to sober up. She and her friend kept drinking. At the end of our night, we ended up going to a bar to play pool.

As soon as we arrived, my friend found this guy and I thought he was really cute. She invited him to come hang out with us and made it seem like she wanted me to "get with" him. Everything was still going fine, until I made a comment to my friend about a woman that worked at the bar being rude. Right away she got mad at me and told me not to say that, and don't get her kicked out because she likes this place. I was so confused and told her that she said the same thing a few minutes ago and don't yell at me because I was just making a comment that she would never hear. I told my friend that she knows how I am and I know how she is and told her not to yell at me.

Soon after, I went into the bathroom and just felt low. It came over me so suddenly. I was upset she had yelled at me and that we seemed to be in a weird nonsense fight. I left the bathroom and needed some air so I went out the back door. There were other people out there and I spoke to them about a few things until they all went in. Suddenly, I found myself alone, sad, and crying. I started to panic and feel so alone, and wondering where my friend was. Why wasn't she coming out to check on me? I felt so alone.

I couldn't take it anymore, and felt this giant depression over me, so I called my other friend on the phone and explained how I was feeling. I was crying, hyperventilating, and began to have suicidal thoughts. All while this was happening I hadn't seen my friend, she still hadn't come to check on me. This just made everything worse, so my friend I was on the phone with called her to tell her to go outside and check on me.

Things are a bit blurry from here. She came out and I told her she didn't check on me and I needed her and she wasn't there. I just wanted to talk to her and explain how I felt, but she was ready to leave. She walked away from me and went to get everything to leave, but I wasn't ready to go. I was still freaking out. She wouldn't talk to me and everyone else we were around including the cute guy were talking to me as I apologized for crying and being all drama filled.

Once she came out she came over to me and I tried to talk to her. The cute guy then pulled her aside and said something to her and my pain also became jealousy. She came over to me and I told her not to touch me right now and she walked away again. Soon after I realized she had my stuff and I didn't know where she went and I wouldn't be able to get home unless I found her. Once I did locate her I went to find her.

After I found her, I realized I left my glasses at the bar we were at so we went back a luckily I found them. This is when things started to get bad. I was still upset and crying. I still felt suicidal and I was scared. She didn't seem to care, even when I told her that I wanted to die. At some point she started yelling at me. She was telling me that no one was there for her, and she couldn't be there for me and it wasn't her job. That I shouldn't expect her to take care of me, and she had to do it alone and she got depressed and no one cared. I told her that she didn't tell me that, and that it wasn't the first time I had felt like this. Somewhere in this she started cursing me out, and I did it back, we were yelling and screaming and she hit a plexiglass window so hard I had to grab her to stop her.

Things began to escalate from there, and we were yelling at each other and she was making me so angry and all I wanted to do was hit her and make her stop yelling at me and understand. I raised my hand like I was going to slap her and next thing I knew, there was an intense pain and stinging coming from my face and eye. She had punched me so hard that knocked off my glasses and broke them in the process, that my eye was throbbing, and I was bleeding. I screamed. I screamed. I screamed at her, and she came back over to me. The next few minutes were of her apologizing, not apologizing, looking like she wanted to hit me again, and me comforting her about her problems. She then told me I should leave, move out of her place, go home, and give her the keys to her apartment. I had no choice at this point to go back to her place and I gave her back her keys.

Once we got there I saw my face and freaked out. The blood coming down was terrifying, but she didn't care. All she wanted to do was have fun with her friend. I tried to sleep, but kept crying and having panic attacks where I remember waking up screaming. She at some point during the night took it upon herself to message my mother and tell her I needed to leave. Luckily, I had also called them and told them to call me because I needed to talk to them.

The next day she slept all morning and I packed while waiting to hear from her and try to talk about things. I finally spoke to my mom and told her what I remembered at the time, and discussed me leaving there as soon as possible. Once she woke up she didn't say anything to me until she came out and saw me with ice on my eye and said "does it still hurt" I told her she punched me in the face, of course it hurts. I then explained that I was leaving the next day and could go stay at someone else's place or her's which ever was better for her. We didn't really establish anything and she left for work without us being able to talk about the night before.

Eventually I decided to leave, but we had to figure out me getting money back from her I gave her for rent. Once I gave up on fighting with her I got my money and left her place. Unfortunately, I forgot my jacket when I left and now I have to wait for her to mail it to me.

I am back home and waiting for my jacket. I am still depressed, sad, and upset being home. I feel alone and like I lost everything. I lost a best friend and I won't get her back. I understand that, but at the same time I am worried there might be a deeper issue with her. Part of me wants to help her and tell someone to get her help, the other part can't wait until I get my jacket to tell the world what she did, and the last part of me just wants my jacket and to move on.

Basically the whole point of this post was for me to vent, and try to remember what happened. Also, to get advice on if I should try to help her and see if I can get my friend back (I suspect there was a deeper issue going on with her that night, and she was on some type of drug.) Do I let it go? How do I feel better? Advice?
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