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Abusive husband/Affair

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Abusive husband/Affair

Postby dianac » Mon Jul 20, 2015 2:53 am

forgot to point out that I live in an apartment.Most of our neighbors are very concerned for me and have helped me tremendously over the years and have been very supportive.
I'm not divorced yet but to me,my relationship with my husband ended a long time ago.I'm currently seeing this amazing,incredible,sweet man who lives next door to me.This came about when one day as I was stepping out and carrying a basket of laundry I accidentally bumped into him,dropped the basket and all clothes scattered on the floor.He was so nice since the very beginning.He collected them into the basket and picked it up,apologized for the accused many times and even offered me his help to make it up to me.I have to admit,he's a good looking guy but that's not what attracted me.It was his kindness that stole my heart.After helping me with most of the housework I told him I couldn't thank him enough and that he didn't have to do any of that.He said there was no problem.We were just gazing at each other.He attempted to kiss me but I backed away and told him it'd be wrong as I was married but I couldn't bear to watch him leave so I couldn't resist the temptation and kissed him right after denying him a kiss.He kissed me back and I wasn't even dressed well but he said I was sexy and we ended up having sex.That was first time we'd had it and it was so special.Perhaps,it was the best day of my life.He even cuddled with me afterwards and heard me out when I was venting to him.We got to know each other and even though it was wrong we continued to see each other almost every day.At first,I thought he was only using me for sex which was also fine with me at that point because he is the nicest person that I know but eventually we started going out on dates.He's much younger than me.He's still a student and I do realize that is wrong but I think I'm in love with him.At one point I thought I'd never be able to fall in love again because of my husband but I guess I was wrong.He hasn't told me he loves me yet but even if he doesn't I still want to be with him.I think about him every day and I sometimes dream about him at night.He's so nice to me and literally treats me like a princess.My husband,on the other hand,treats me like dirt and if he cared about me maybe he would've found out about my relationship with Carl(the young boy).Like I said,I'm not divorced yet but that's because my husband won't sign the papers.He means nothing to me any more and I don't love him but I still feel guilty because I'm practically cheating on him.Am I a horrible person?I'd like to read more people's opinions because I feel very guilty.Thank you im advance!
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Re: Abusive husband/Affair

Postby Terry E. » Mon Jul 20, 2015 9:08 am

You sound like after a very dark period in your life some sunshine has shined in. I hope it makes you happy, that is something we all deserve.

Take care.
Terry E.
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Re: Abusive husband/Affair

Postby seabreezeblue » Mon Jul 20, 2015 9:37 am

completely agree with Terry..

sounds lovely that you've found a bit of happiness - life is far too short to stay with someone that treats you so badly..

(: xx
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