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Passive Agressive PD controversy and other stuff

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Passive Agressive PD controversy and other stuff

Postby user03 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:01 pm

https://courses.lumenlearning.com/abnor ... -disorder/

i'm diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder, major depressive disorder, and most recent, schizoaffective disorder, and according to the above article, i somehow seem to also fit the criteria for passive aggressive personality disorder ( sort of ), but because i also have major depressive disorder, i wouldn't or shouldn't..., now i made this thread because of various reasons. i know that PAPD isn't included anymore in the DSM 5, however, nevertheless it has hold some value to me.

first and foremost, unlike other personality disorders, PAPD for a lot of the symptoms actually explains qualitative impairments of an individual rather than on a generalized and superficial level that the other personality disorders have which hardly explain anything impairing. it's sort of the same way with vulnerable narcissism vs grandiose narcissism, where grandiose narcissism is really the modern definition of narcissism and what the DSM always had / has.

for example, you don't have a description in the narcissism criteria for saying something like, "i feel envious of other people because i'm inferior but also because i see them as not deserving for what they are, and that they are superior". it's always one way. for example, the envy always has to involve seeing other people more inferior than the narcissist, not superior...

wikipedia of course helps a lot on explaining specifics of PAPD, although i wanted to point out, i didn't want to be grouped into the PAPD category because i feel like those who have the pure type are qualitatively different from me and superior and not impaired much, and that the only reason i fit the PAPD seems to be from a unique combination of traits with some modified in others.

now i do agree on the research definition on what makes up a personality disorders in the first place such as related to the 4 categories, the below video explains this, honestly, saying i have a personality disorder makes or personality disorder NOS makes me feel "better", because it means i don't fit neatly into one category and my make up is more complex than the sterotypical people i usually see being idenitifed with a more specific personality disorder ( quite often btw, these people don't actually have a personality disorder ), but because they have specific "symptoms" or patterns of functioning or are odd, they then get a PD label slapped onto them when they actually don't have the qualitative impairments related to those 4 categories i mentioned, as explained by nochum andrew in the below video -


also, this explains why you see people related to criteria from some personality disorders who don't actually have it, take for example this girl in the below video talking about schizophrenia vs schizotypal pd and schizoaffective disorder. it's not suprising to me that the very things she relates to for schizotypal PD are actually the things i don't relate with to her with-


now back to the PAPD, my psychologist showed me an article which i believe is in my binder actually, and i related highly to it. i wanted to see any significance there would be for commorbidity or if another disorder can explain PAPD symptoms. my first paragraph leads into this on my diagnosis(s).

i have a lot of criticism towards PAPD, first of all, if these people with PAPD have difficulty being assertive and / or low self esteem / confidence issues, then why does the big 5 say they should be high on extroversion if extroversion mainly consists of that of higher assertiveness ability and overall better functioning in those areas...., but then again, i have no idea which types of people they would be..., honestly, i feel like my brother could fit the PAPD better than i do, only because he has PTSD but NOT depression, which he clearly told me many many times when i asked him directly if you have depression or suffer from it, and he clearly told me no and i believe him and i really don't think he does, and he most certainly doesn't have a personality disorder, not even to the slightest, and there is everything to support why he doesn't, such as inability to delay gratification, for someone like him, particularly with PTSD and not having good life circumstances, ongoing and past, he doesn't use any drugs or pleasure seeking things to keep him alive and going and fight ongoing pain, ( no drugs, alcohol, masturbation or porn, none ), but then again, like i said, he doesn't have depression so....

also he isn't low on openness to experience, and if anything, he's slightly agreeable, im not sure on his "nueroticism" level, he is high on conscientious. in general, we don't get along with each other personally and we see things very differently from one another and particularly in interests, although he always claims i am very much like him or vice versa or he used to be like me more which i just makes me want to psychotic and it further emotionally abusing me and brain damaging me ( making me dumber ), also in the MBTI, he's a ESFJ, i'm a ISFJ. now with me, i always and willfully score low on openness to experience, i am slightly on the agreeable portion and conscientiousness, although really i shouldn't be "higher" on conscientiousness because by definition, my mental illness's make my consciousness lower in a way. im low on extroversion, high on neuroticism. i haven't found any research for a mental illness or disorder that was similar to my profile.

in all sense, i am not associating myself with that of the PAPD. now the timorous schizotypal description does fit me, however, the dynamics are clearly different here when comparing it to that of the pure PAPD variant. the only personality disorders i'd say i really go away from ( not relating to ) are anti social PD, histrionic, narcissitic PD ( only if we are using the dsm one a.k.a grandiose type ), but not for the vulnerable type, schizoid pd ( after finding out that schizoids are dipshits who i don't relate to and really shouldn't even belong in the personality disorder category ), it's no surprise the DSM wanted to repeatingly get rid of the label and so have the people with the "disorders" themselves also mentioning here and there.

i wonder what they'd find in sluggish cognitive tempo in future qualitative clinical population research, since there have only been very limited studies on SCT or CDD ( concentration deficit disorder ). this is also a condition i relate to, surely they can't have PAPD lol..., Barkley made a attempt to trivialize "SCT" people as doing well in social skills training and CBT, contrary to his belief, this is not the case, in fact, it can do the opposite, does that mean they have ADHD, no..., it means their humans with different ways of functioning and being who are forced to coincide one way because they've been told at a early age or ongoing that they should do this or that or what not...
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