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Caregiver burnout

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Caregiver burnout

Postby Delete101 » Wed Apr 28, 2021 9:58 pm

It’s been 12+ yrs. Everyone is now in one of two categories. Helping, or NOT! It’s getting late in the illnesses. Her COPD has become the first issue. The local at home hospice is involved. I couldn’t get thru to her doctor for over a week to get her oxygen. That’s ok now. All she needs.
I have pretty severe chronic pain and some disability. I can still walk. My right arm doesn’t work very well. I’m trying to get thru to my rheumatologist for some help. Unfortunately, he’s been absorbed by the same mega-group that wouldn’t respond to my mom’s needs. Nothing is ever simple.
If I didn’t have pets, I would lose my mind! I’m sorry this is like a rant.
I tried placing her in an ALF. 7 days later I pulled her out with major rashes, bug bites (don’t even get me started on bed bugs) and a bleeding vagina.
Do you know, they not only continue to bill, they have sent a collection letter. They actually owe HER money! I just wanted them out of our lives. I have tried 4 attorneys so far, and no one will make a call for me to this collection agency to let them know that she is contesting the case. I also have dated, signed PROOF that they confirmed she moved out. Anyone else out there feel like they’re screaming and everyone is ignoring you? I finally tried calling myself. Big mistake, I know. Anyway, they hanged up on me 4 times. I’m not nice about this. When my mother was neglected and abused, so was I. I’m actually really seriously considering sicking my sister on them. She makes me look like a fairy princess. She’s also in the legal field, and would probably really enjoy eating someone alive. I keep her at a big distance because I can’t handle how nasty she gets.
I’m just worried that if I let her in, I’ll be stuck interacting with a potentially really dangerously explosive person. It would serve them right, but it may very well come back to bite me. Any ideas? I understand that this may be that “golden” opportunity to repair a relationship with my sister... please don’t go there. By the way, I don’t have a printer, so I can’t write these jerks a civil letter. I wish! No one I know currently is someone who I would want to have print one for me. Perhaps the advocate I hired.
I hope everyone is having the best experience that can be managed in the moment.
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