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How to curb the smart phone epidemic..?

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Re: How to curb the smart phone epidemic..?

Postby Snaga » Sat Jun 01, 2019 8:38 pm

Personally, I wouldn't let a child have a smart phone for quite a while- and then, it'll be tightly controlled- and tracked, and monitored. If they don't like the conditions for having one, they can get a job and get their own, I suppose. And that's only if I myself have one- I have strongly considered going back to a dumbphone.

The topics were moved to where we thought them most suitable- it IS a question concerning parenting, there IS a parenting forum; JFF isn't the place for it. I can't control the traffic a forum has. It's a fairly specific, and uncommon, topic of discussion- if there hadn't been a parenting forum to place it in, they would have been locked as OT and not pertaining to mental health.

Brandon, Lazarus- let's agree to disagree, and watch the name-calling, please. It's okay to debate and argue but keep it civil, thanks.

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