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6 Year Old Spitting Saliva

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6 Year Old Spitting Saliva

Postby dgplugge » Mon Dec 08, 2014 12:45 am

Good evening. First post.

We are having an issue with our 6 year old. I attempted to search for a related post, however using the keywords "spit" and "swallow" don't lead to decent results. I will start with this forum and see if the topic has a better home.

Our daughter has been having an issue with holding her spit in her mouth. She won't swallow her saliva and needs to spit frequently. Needless to say this behavior is quite disruptive at home and during school. She will even spit into her shirt and sleeves if she is somewhere she can't spit.

The doctor thought that perhaps she was experiencing acid reflux and prescribed medication to take daily. I don't think it is helping, while my wife wants to give it more time. It has been a week on the medication. She continues to hold her spit.

When we ask her why she won't swallow her spit she simply says it doesn't taste good. However, she uses regular dental hygiene with brushing and mouth wash. Her breath doesn't smell bad.

Any thoughts?

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Re: 6 Year Old Spitting Saliva

Postby seabreezeblue » Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:01 am


It sounds to me like your daughter can't quite explain this herself and ''it doesn't taste good'' is probably the closest she can come to telling you what the issue is.

I'm placing a *trigger warning* here.. I have no idea if this will bother anyone else but I feel a little ill here.

I've seen this happen with a child myself and it turned out to be an issue with the idea of swallowing saliva rather than the taste.. it was mainly a texture and feeling of disgust thing..
Saliva is quite thick and if the child doesn't swallow frequently and instead pays attention to what's in her mouth, she could well feel the same way about swallowing it as i do explaining it..

I know it's not a nice thing for the other children or teachers to deal with but It's very worthwhile working with your child here and accepting that right atm, she will not swallow.
Can you give her a supply of tissues and explain to her that you won't force her to stop but you'd like her to.. explain that if she absolutely has to spit then she needs to turn away from people and spit into a tissue.
Just explain that like she feels sick at the idea of swallowing, some people feel sick at the idea of seeing someone elses spit so it's important to make everyone comfortable.

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