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Signs of Perfectionism

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Signs of Perfectionism

Postby makenoiz » Thu Aug 28, 2014 7:34 pm

My 6 1/2 year old son is showing signs of agressive perfectionism. I dont want him to be be burdened with this feeling his entire life and want to find the best way to try to avoid progression this behavior. This can keep him from trying new things, from enjoying learning, etc.. He is curently very hard on himself when we does not like his art or when he does not do something perfectly, ie getting one math problem wrong, when he writes a letter and does not like what it looks like etc.. He will hit himself (not hard) on the head or call himself stupid or a jerk. Its gotten to the point where the school has put him in a program called Play in Progress to try to help him. This was the eye opener for me. School intervention. :shock:

About our family history we (married) have 3 kids. DD1-14, DD2-10 and DS1 - 6 1/2 . DD1 is in no way a perfectionist but is hard on her sister and brother. DD2 used to cry and melt down when she got one problem wrong on a test but shes been doing much better and seems to be overcoming. We do not harp perfection in our household only effort. We paise our kids and discipline with timeouts and activity restriction when necessary. We are a non violent houselold and carefully screen what we let our kids watch, listen to etc... Our kids are involvolved in sports, scouts, music etc...I feel we have a pretty wholesome family with lots of encouragement and love so Im not sure where my sons agressive perfectionist behavior is coming from or what do do about it. Any input or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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