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Is BPD 'Voluntary'? ***TRIGGER WARNING***

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Re: Is BPD 'Voluntary'? ***TRIGGER WARNING***

Postby cybergenesis » Sat Apr 27, 2013 5:00 pm

Mental illnesses are not voluntary. People however can have self awareness and the capacity to "battle" their own disorders to some degree. BPD is a very complex and serious disorder, and some people with it are more decent towards other and less selfish than others.
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Re: Is BPD 'Voluntary'? ***TRIGGER WARNING***

Postby Jolly jo » Sat Apr 04, 2015 8:03 pm

Speaking as someone who has been diagnosed with BPD in the past and who went on to parent a child with BPD I can understand both sides the argument.
The discussion as to whether something is voluntary is a bit misleading. If you look at the condition as a way of dealing with stuff and of the way the brain is programmed to respond to the outside world and manage emotions, then it is not psychosis. From this point of view the action or response the person gives is both voluntary and not voluntary. They aren't psychotic but on the other hand they don't know how else to react and no one, not even the most healthy, think about everything they do - we all react.
However, everyone must take responsibility for the things they do and even if you have BPD, abusing others and being badly behaved is not ok. It might, at times, be understandable and discussion after the event might be useful and indicated, but the person on the receiving end has there limits.
As a parent and on the receiving end, it was extremely difficult to remain calm and fair when faced with some truly terrible behaviour (coupled with the usual terrible teen behavior). I know that when I was at my worst, I felt everyone else was at fault and felt vindicated and entitled at times to behave as I did. I was totally unable at times to see it from someone elses view point. I am older now and have had much therapy and can see that I was very wrong in this attitude and put others through a great deal of upset at times.
I have sympathy with everyone, on both sides of the debate.
Diagnosed DID with a few other states.
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