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Adoption process in Canada?

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Adoption process in Canada?

Postby lazarus102 » Mon May 27, 2019 5:28 am

I'll start by saying, yes I know this isn't exactly THE forum for this kinda question, but frankly, real forums with decent traffic are running short these days.
I know there's information on this on the internet but reading a few bullet points doesn't exactly paint a full picture of a process that is said to take 2-3+ years.
Can anyone with experience please detail the process from beginning to completion. Thank you (in advance).

Oh, I should add, single guy, 38. Looking to adopt within the next 5 years (give or take). Wanting to adopt boy, age 2-7. No infants, I know those are harder to come by and generally more expensive. Not looking to spend 30-60k either, so the process would be thorough some form of non-profit agency(if I'm using that term right).
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