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looking for older research study

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looking for older research study

Postby mushi » Sat Feb 25, 2017 1:56 am

Years ago I came across a video from a research study into the comparison of isolating male vs female children. There was a small empty room with a portion of it separated by a half wall. One parent would take one of their children and put them behind the half wall then leave the room. There was a camera setup to observe and the audio was recorded too. The kids I recall being from about 2-6 years of age. What I remember is that the girls always sat down and cried, and the boys always started yelling and trying to break down the wall. Regardless of whether the parent was a mother or father the usual response to the girls crying was to go and pick them up quickly and love them. The response to the boys however was different. I do not recall the amount of times that the same response that was given to the girls was given to the boys, but another response was given alot. And that was to continue to leave the boys isolated behind the wall and of course the dos continues harder and harder to break down the thing that was keeping them from the love of the parent that they needed. But they were further punished because of this response. I need to find this research. Is anyone familiar with it? I do not know how old it is maybe 10-20 years back.
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